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Level up your tennis


elevate your game with Tennis Miami’s revolutionary membership program. 

Whether you’ve picked up a racquet for the first time or want to master the fine points of your game, Tennis Miami has classes for every player of every level!

Tennis Players

Small group sessions with 4 players, tailored to all skill levels for collaborative learning.

Tennis Team

One-on-one personalized coaching, focusing on individual skill development and technique enhancement.

Tennis player laughing

Structured program for adults new to tennis, emphasizing fundamentals and building confidence.

Playing Tennis

Engaging tennis lessons for children, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and a love for the sport.

Amazing Enjoy soooo much good instruction!

Really good instructor! Will go again for sure at least 2X a week

estoy aprendiendo mucho y rápido como principiante con yuval 🙌🏻 🏓🙈

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